Qualitative methods.

Focus Group

Focus groups are meetings of 7 to 9 consumers or professionals for 1 1⁄2 to 2 1⁄2 hours, sometimes more. The meeting is organised by a research manager or director. Groups are moderated following a discussion guide that is prepared by Extensia and validated by the client.
According to the problematic of the study, prospective techniques are suggested, which, to simplify them, aim to make it easier to express sensations, perceptions and feelings, as these are difficult to obtain through theoretical work. Groups help to identify a large number of attitudes, positive as well as negative and provide insight into the underlying mechanisms.

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Situation Scenarios and User Centered Design

For testing websites or interfaces more generally – mobile phones, remote controls for household equipment – situation scenarios are a rich and efficient technique which Extensia uses regularly.

A dozen interviews are generally sufficient to:

  • Assess the overall coherence, graphics and content of an interface,

  • Assess the relevance of the functionalities offered,

  • Identify stumbling blocks and potential difficulties for users when finding information, navigating or finding their location in the menus.

  • Analyze the interface’s strong points, with a view to using them in subsequent developments.

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Semi-guided interviewing.

Semi-guided interviewing is an investiation method that is very much suitable for exploratory research projects on usages and attitudes. Their duration varies from 45 up to 90 minutes. Extensia qualitative research managers have a broad experience of such interviewing technique.

Quantitative methods.


In most cases, an online survey can be completed in just a few days. Online data collection costs are extremely competitive. A survey carried out via the internet can mean a saving of 30 to 50% compared with telephone or face to face.

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Face to face surveys

Face to face surveys (Computer or PDA Assisted Personal Interviewing) are used for complicated research with long questionnaires (up to one and a half hours) or when a particular item needs to be introduced (packaging, product, advertisement...). The surveys can take place at home, on site or be mall intercepts. The questionnaire is accessed with the Tablet PC via internet using a GPRS connection. The data is stored in our server and the results can be consulted in real time via our client interface on the web.

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Telephone Surveys

Contrary to face-to-face surveys, telephone interviewing can reach individuals spread out over a wide geographical area. Through our partner we have access to a French call center with 20 desks and also an off-shore call center which can accommodate up to 120 interviewers.
All of the interviewers workstations are equipped with CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing), which is linked to a supervisor's workstation where the telephone interviews can be monitored. This real-time monitoring can also be carried out from a distance.