Whether through qualitative or quantitative research, and using simple or complex methodologies, Extensia offers its clients tangible and effective solutions

UX projects in the new technologies

Extensia Design for Lucy undertakes UX and marketing projects in the new technologies sector: websites, apps, software package, connected devices…

Our expertise is methodological: our value resides in the research techniques we mastered; and in the relevant, operational use of the data we collect.

Extensia Design for Lucy Team

Arnaud Laisné

Director, Project manager
Graduate in Psycho-sociology from Paris X University. Arnaud has 15 years of experience managing qualitative research projects in France and abroad, dealing with both consumers and professionals.

Johanna N’Doye

Research Assistant
Business Strategy and Economic Intelligence Master graduate at the business school ISC Paris. She has three years of experience in market research and she covers organization, logistics and recruitment.

Marie Euzen

UX Analyst
UX research and Human Factor Master graduate at Aix-Marseille University. They have two years of experience in UX research and their tasks cover wireframing, data analysis and writing deliverables.


The team's faithful companion
Without a doubt the most endearing member of the company.