Extensia Design for Lucy.

 Extensia Design for Lucy delivers decision oriented market and UX research projects in the new technologies field. Our qualitative studies expertise enable us to conduct quicker, more reliable and cost-effective projects.

Extensia Design for Lucy

Specialized in cognitive ergonomics and customer experience’s optimization, Extensia Design for Lucy have particularly significant production resources for a company of its size. With a support team to oversee the studies, find respondents, and format reports, our project manager can dedicate himself fully to the primary considerations of his projects. We deliver comprehensive reports, conducted under the best conditions, more quickly. This allows our clients to save time and improves the results relevance.

Each research project is unique. Our goal is not only to provide our clients with deep and relevant market analysis, it is also to give operational information that will enable them making up their mind, taking the right decision and prepare for action. In that aim, we constantly improve our expertise, to find the most suitable method and calibrate research projects that perfectly fit their needs. We also believe that the best way to understand each other is to talk to each other. This is why, we report to our client frequently, regularly, transparently. They know at any time where and what we are doing on their project. This aspect is peculiarly crucial when it comes to international research.

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